Anonymous: u single or naaah 


Anonymous: Why is your blog so cool? What the freak 

fricken frack

Anonymous: Wanna fuckkkk? 

take yo gray face walkin 

smoke-a-bowl-greg: That leaf pendant I had one just like it 

cool story bro

Anonymous: how many followers do you got? 

check my counter, yo

trippinonyourecstasy: You and your blog are absolutely perfect. Stay fresh, happy, and keep blogging! Good vibes and best wishes. (: 

right back atcha my nigga

Anonymous: Your hair looks awesome dude c: 

thanks bro :)

nightmaresinwonderland666: I want to love you. 

take a number 

Anonymous: How long have you been smokjbg and why 

you talkin crack?

2-spark: Hey mate what's your favorite type of sandwich? There was a number associated with this question but i didn't remember it. 

your girlfriend’s pussy, mate